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Sebastian Vettel defends Hamilton: “F1 should do more”

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel

Image source: Getty Images

Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel supported Lewis Hamilton over his recent social media posts.

Hamilton sparked worldwide fears when he wrote a message on Instagram saying he considered “giving up on everything.”

He quickly deleted the message, but some supporters labelled him a hypocrite for driving petrol cars and jetting around the world for his job.

“I’m not active on social media, but the point is very clear,” Vettel said at the FIA drivers’ press conference in Mexico. “You would be ignorant if you wouldn’t look at it. As Lewis said, it’s difficult for us to get acceptance from the outside because we don’t have the smallest footprint.

“The races happen around the world, we have to travel so it’s part of our jobs. But in general, F1 should do more. It’s a worldwide operating platform, and I think we should send a much stronger message.

“I think everybody can do something. Contribute a little bit. If the whole world acted like that it would be a huge difference. I think it is inevitable that change is coming, hopefully, sooner rather than later.”

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