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Sebastian Vettel admits he was wrong to defy team orders

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel to leave Ferrari

Image source: Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel has admitted he was wrong to disobey Ferrari’s instruction to let Charles Leclerc overtake him in the Russian Grand Prix.

Speaking to German media at Suzuka, Vettel wouldn’t be drawn on the terms of the agreement but admitted he “got the message at the radio to change the places and did not do it.”

“That was certainly not right,” Vettel added.

Team principal Mattia Binotto met separately with Vettel and Leclerc after the race. However, Vettel said Ferrari have not felt the need to “write anything in stone” despite the events of Sochi.

“I don’t think is necessary,” he said. “Probably [there are] certain things that we could have done better looking back. But in the end, we look forward to this race in the next races so I’m not worried too much.”

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