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Scotland manager Steve Clarke hits back at supporters for Andy Robertson criticism

Image source: The Independent

Andy Robertson has celebrated eight wins with his club, Liverpool, in the Premier League, however, with his national team, Robertson has failed to win in their latest fixtures against Russia and Belgium.

As Scotland are preparing to play against Russia and later with San Marino, this month, the left-back’s national team coach Steve Clarke has revealed that it’s unfair to criticized only Robertson for the team’s failures.

“Listen, when you don’t win matches you are going to be crucified,” he told The Scotsman.

“Andy is experienced enough to realise that. He is the captain and the one who gets it. But it is unfair. It’s unfair to single out Andy Robertson and say that he should take the criticism.

“Everyone should take the criticism. It’s a collective thing. I have spoken to Andy since, we had a good chat and he is fine.” 

“There is always going to be certain criticism – Alan Hansen wasn’t good enough to play for Scotland either,”continued Clarke.

“The best way to avoid the criticism is to get points, to win matches and draw matches you are expected to lose. That just makes everyone feel a little bit better.

“It’s the same in club football. Winning covers a multitude of sins. If you start to win matches everyone will be on board and more positive about it. They will stop talking about the players who are not selected and instead speak about the ones who are.” 

via LiverpoolECHO

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