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Santi Cazorla makes emotional promise to Arsenal fans

The former Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla could face Rangers in the Europa League this evening for Villareal.

Cazorla made emotional promise to Arsenal fans.

“It’s not the usual sort of injury that you get in football, where bacteria is working away and eating away eight centimetres of your tendon”, said Cazorla.

“For me it was just an ankle sprain. There were loads of moments where I was on the point of saying ‘I don’t have the strength to carry on’. But the people by my side made me change my mind because they believed I would play again.

“Arsene [Wenger] said he’d never seen an injury like it, and my doctor in Spain said he’s never had a case where two different bacterias eat away at eight to 10 centimetres of an Achilles tendon.

“If the bacteria had been identified and contained from day one, not even half the things would have happened that did eventually happen.

“But I’ve been left with a feeling of unfinished business because I’d always said that if I ever had to leave [Arsenal] I would say my goodbyes in front of the fans, because they have always treated me incredibly well.”

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