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Salah Tahlak hopes Dubai draw helps Roger Federer win 100th title

Roger Federer will chase history in a matter of weeks as he looks to lift a milestone 100th career title.

Tournament director Salah Tahlak is excited to welcome the 20-time champion back to the United Arab Emirates.

“For Roger, Dubai is important because his first official title came in Milan,” Tahlak told the Khaleej Times. “It was a tournament owned by DubaiDuty-Freee. It has always been a great bond between Roger and Dubai.”

“So it’s very important to have him back. I hope the draw next Saturday will help him because if he reaches the final and wins it, it will be the number eight title for him in Dubai and that will also be the 100th title of his career.

“It will be a magical moment. It will also be a great legacy that he will be leaving behind if he wins his 100th title in Dubai.”

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