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Salah a fan of Leonardo Dicaprio: 10 things you’ll be surprised to hear about Mohamed Salah

  1. Salah dropped the chargers when a thief entered into his home.

When he was finally caught, Salah’s father pressed charges, but Salah convinced his father to drop the charges. He met with the thief and donated some money to him and helped find him a job.

  1. He fell out with fans but won them back

Salah once wished his former Chelsea teammate Demba Ba, good wishes on Twitter. This enraged the Liverpool fans, but he won them back by scoring a ton of goals in the season.

  1. He is a fan of Muhammad Ali

He is a fan of the late Muhammad Ali. Like Ali, he keeps fighting back against all the odds

  1. He is also a big fan of the actors Khaled El Nabawy and Leonardo Dicaprio

Salah likes to watch movies and is a big fan of Leonardo Dicaprio and Egyptian actor Khaled El Nabawy.

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