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28-11-2018 | 19:27 Football

Sadio Mane has revealed why he was nicknamed as "Ronaldinho" and why he will never match Roberto Firmino's flamboyance

Sadio Mane has extended his contract on Thursday evening until 2023. In an interview with the Soccer Bible, Mane admited that he is not thinking about how his legacy will be viewed after he leaves the club, preferring instead to look to the immediate future under Jurgen Klopp. "Honestly, I’m someone who’s not looking too much at this [legacy] kind of thing," he said. "But of course, it’s part of football. But I don’t care too much about this kind of thing." Mane has also talked about growing up with a "Ronaldinho" nickname. "I was well known in my village because everyone used to say that I played very well and like Ronaldinho, and they even called me Ronaldinho in my village!" he added. "People came to see me from nearby villages and cities because they had heard my name and they were surprised about how people talked about me." Later he talked about why he will never match Roberto Firmino's flamboyance. "Do I like changing my hairstyles? Not as much as someone like Firmino or someone like that who has a new hairstyle every single game! "No, I’m happy with my hairstyle and will keep it the same. "Who has the best dance moves? Firmino. Every single goal he does something else, something different and he really enjoys it."

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