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Ruben Neves criticises FA over Bernardo Silva decision

Image source: Getty Images

Wolves midfielder Ruben Neves has criticised FA decision over Bernardo Silva.

Silva, 25, was charged for comparing his teammate Benjamin Mendy with Spanish chocolate-covered peanut Conguitos on Twitter, which FA considered as a post containing racism.

Commenting on the case, Neves said: “I think it is absurd. Anyone who knows Bernardo knows what kind of person he is – he’s an excellent and very playful person. When you have confidence with a friend, as he has with Mendy, nobody can have anything to say. Mendy himself has come out to say that there is no harm. We all know that they have a great relationship of friendship and I think it makes no sense what has happened. The person in question himself said it was a joke and that it didn’t go wrong.

Wolves beat Manchester City with a score of 2-0 in their Premier League clash. They are now in the eleventh place of the Premier League table with 10 points.

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