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Roy Keane’s telling reaction to Jose Mourinho hitting out at Man Utd board over transfers

Image source: Sky Sports

Match information

England, Premier League, 6 tour

22 September 2019 - 17:00


West Ham United


Manchester United

1 - 0 Kevin Torok - 44`

2 - 0 Aaron Cresswell - 84`

Roy Keane could be seen smirking as Jose Mourinho hit out at Manchester United’s reluctance to hand him big money for a defender during his time in charge.

During United’s 2-0 defeat to West Ham United, former boss Mourinho Mourinho told Sky Sports: “First of all I agree with Roy, it’s not about one more million or two less, it’s that they needed to buy him in the moment. If they didn’t buy Maguire they would be playing Lindelof and Tuanzebe or Lindelof and Phil Jones. And to play Lindelof and Maguire it is a different picture.

“He has physical qualities – as Gary Neville was saying and is totally right – Lindelof is very good in some aspects of the game but he can be bullied in the one vs one and he’s not especially good in the air. Maguire has that kind of presence and that physicality that is very important. He is not the fastest one but I think he is quite mobile for his huge body and he has very good quality. You know, I was not an idiot in the previous season when I was crying for a central defender.”

Kean appeared to enjoy Mourinho’s remark and could also be seen smirking with the Portuguese, while Graeme Souness kept a streight face.

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