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Roy Keane sends warning to Trent Alexander-Arnold after San Marino win

Trent Alexander-Arnold durign England national team training

Image source: Getty Images

Roy Keane has sent a warning to Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold following England’s victory over San Marino in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Reds’ defender contributed to The Three Lions’ 10 – 0 win over the rivals last night, while after the match, Keane shared his praise about him on ITV Sport.

Despite labelling Alexander-Arnold as “brilliant”, former Premier League star added that the 23-year-old is still in the learning process.

“Not a bad night for him considering he has got what, three or four assists tonight?” Keane told ITV Sport.

“Sometimes players do try too hard. We have seen that with one of the two younger players.

“But he got back to what he’s good at. Putting it in the right areas.

“Delivery. Fantastic – he talks about Beckham. He used to put it into areas.

“It’s not about picking people out, just put it into the right area and people will attack it.”

He added: “Again, he is 23. He is learning about the game. Sometimes you do have to adapt if you want to get in.

“You talk about him as a wing-back. I think he can play that role, but obviously his strength is at right-back.

“He is brilliant at it, he is absolutely brilliant. But he is 23. He is still learning about the game. He is not at his peak yet.”

Source: Liverpool Echo 

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