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Roy Keane makes top-four prediction after Manchester United’s defeat to Arsenal

Roy Keane makes top-four prediction after Manchester United’s defeat to Arsenal

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Roy Keane thinks that a top-four finish is ‘out of reach’ for Manchester United after their 1-0 defeat to Arsenal on Sunday. The Red Devils lost to the Gunners on Sunday with a 1-0 score as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang netted the only goal of the game from a penalty spot.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side are currently 15th in the league table with 9 points behind the league leaders Liverpool.

“For Ole, his spell here, I think last year you’re thinking they finished the season strongly, three semi-finals,” Keane told Sky Sports.

“But three semi-finals is not good enough for Manchester United.

“And we’re building this season up to be make or break for Ole. And at this moment in time it’s not looking good for him.

“He talks about the players, we forgive players for most things, making mistakes or having an off day. But when you listen to a manager and he’s talking about, ‘we didn’t start well’ and ‘enthusiasm’, I scratch my head at players who don’t have enthusiasm for a game of football.

“They spoke about the game during the week [as an excuse for the defeat], Champions League games are chalk and cheese in terms of what a Premier League challenge brings you.

“So the fact when players don’t turn up [against Arsenal] and don’t have a go until the end when the race is almost over, they’ll have that now with this league campaign.

“I never thought for one minute they’ll be challenging Liverpool and Man City but the way they’ve started this, the top four even seems out of reach.

“And at this early stage sometimes you say, ‘there’s no need to panic’, but the results and the performances suggest they should be panicking because it’s not been good enough.

“He [Solskjaer] says they are a good boys and they want to win. I judge players by their actions, we don’t see this from this group of players, we just don’t see it, my eyes don’t lie to me.

“I’d love to be sitting here saying, ‘they look like a great bunch of lads, they’ll bounce back, close football is all about disappointments’.

“But this group, their last huge disappointment was only three or four weeks ago against Spurs, it wasn’t three or four months ago where you think, ‘they’ll win their next 10 or 15 games’.

“This team reacts for a few weeks, then gets carried away with themselves and think, ‘we’re a team now’.”

source – Metro

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