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Alla Zakarian

30-11-2020 | 22:19 Football

Roy Keane makes "good enough" Tottenham admission

Roy Keane doubts Tottenham have the overall quality to launch a successful title challenge. Liverpool won last year’s Premier League with a 99-point haul and Manchester City won it the two years previous with 98 and 100 points, but it seems likely that this year’s title will require a considerably lower total. With Spurs top of the table after a quarter of the season and with the league’s best defensive record to-date, some have suggested that Jose Mourinho’s could get them over the line as unlikely contenders. “[Mourinho has] done it before. His CV is fantastic,” he said on Sky Sports. "But I don't think these players he has at Spurs are good enough to win the title. They have the X-factor in Mourinho and Harry Kane, I don't think that's enough. They were hanging on at the end at Stamford Bridge. "I think they are on for a very good season, but a very good season is a big difference to trying to win the league title. I don't think so. Manchester City are stronger than Spurs." Keane pointed to the “odd blip” in results against teams Spurs. "There wasn't much surprise with what we saw with Tottenham at Chelsea. They are quite dependent on Harry Kane, he was quiet. "Jose Mourinho said his players were disappointed in the dressing room, I think they should be delighted. Mourinho will be delighted."
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