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Ronnie O’Sullivan: “The Rocket” – Little Known Facts, Quotes, Answers

He is the youngest player to ever win the UK Championship

In 1993 at age 17 and 358 days, Ronnie won the UK Championship (snooker) making him the youngest ever snooker player to win the title. He still holds the record today.

He is one of the best snooker players in the world

Ronnie has won five World Championships, six Masters, five UK Championship titles, a total of 28 ranking titles and ten Premier League Snooker titles.

He is unpredictable

From his game swagger and pranks to outspokenness during press conferences (he asked an official at the China Open “F*** me, how many more questions are they going to ask?”), there have been many, many times he has truly not give a f***.

He is spiritual

Since 2001 he’s expressed an interest in Buddhism and has attended meetings at The London Buddhist Centre in Bethnal Green. He also says spiritual self-help book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, “is just my little journey. If ever my mind’s whizzing it’s what I go back to.”

He Loves to cook

A man of many talents, Ronnie is both a foodie and an amateur chef. Regularly posting his latest creations on Twitter, he also appeared on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen in December 2014.

He is a crime novelist

Never one to be boring, Ronnie is releasing a crime book in November 2016. Loosely based on his life-story his publisher Orion says the novel is set in the “dog-eat-dog underworld of 1980s Soho” and the main character Frankie will inherit a snooker club from a renowned London gangster.

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