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Ronaldo denies rape allegation

Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent released an official statement denying all he rumors about a girl raped by the Portuguese international back in 2009.

Der Spiegel has previously reported that Cristiano Ronaldo paid €365k to a woman in order to keep her away from allegation in rape to the football star.

Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes’ sport management company Gestifute has launched an official statement, denying all the rumors on the matter and calling them “journalistic fiction.”

“The article is nothing but a piece of journalistic fiction. The alleged victim refuses to come forward and confirm the veracity of the accusation,” the statement read.

“The newspaper has based their entire narrative on documents which are unsigned and where the parties are not identified, on emails between lawyers whose content does not concern Cristiano Ronaldo and whose authenticity he cannot verify, and on an alleged letter that is said to have been sent to him by the so-called victim, but was never received by Cristiano.

“An accusation of an act of rape is disgusting and outraging, and he will not allow it to hang over his reputation,” the statement added.