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Roger Federer ‘shocked’ by Uniqlo request

Tennis star Roger Federer

Image source: Getty Images

Roger Federer spoke about why he signed a $300 million deal with Uniqlo.

Federer signed a 10-year contract with Japanese mass-market retailer, which is known for its well-designed basics, designer collaborations and high-tech Lifewear line. Federer, who topped Forbes’s Highest-Paid Tennis Players of 2018 list,  left Nike after some two dozen years, and he approached Uniqlo about working together.

“When I signed with Uniqlo, I thought for the first time if I see myself as the brand ambassador after my career. I already have a good relationship with other sponsors, so I was asking myself if I would like to keep being on advertisements,” said Federer. “But Uniqlo thought about me as a person rather than a player, which almost shocked me. The sponsor usually wants you to win your next match. So I have a good feeling and the desire to work with them. And so far it has been great. As for the future, we should speak about normal life. Because when I end my career, I will not end my life. It will be nice to leave the world of tennis one day and see into what direction we are all going together.”

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