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Roger Federer reveals who he changed his type of character on the tennis court over the years

Roger Federer claims Australian Open title and 18th Grand Slam of his career

Roger Federer, the twenty-time Grand Slam winner, has admitted that he had a controversial behaviour on the tennis court as a teenager.

However, over the years, he changed his type of character.

“I was a very different type of character on the tennis court, I had quite a transformation from screaming, racket throwing, swearing, kind of brat down on the tennis court.

It’s very strange how I have been able to put the hammer down at one point in my career and just say, This is enough. I cannot stand watching me throwing rackets and embarrass myself in front of thousands of people in a live stadium.

So I tried to change. But I am happy I did that bad behaviour because I do not have the urge today act the way I used to. I am just relaxed, totally relaxed,” said Federer with a smile.


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