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26-11-2019 | 19:32 Tennis

Roger Federer on his latest business venture: “This is not about retirement”

Roger Federer insists his latest business venture has nothing to do with his exit from tennis. The 20-time Grand Slam winner has announced a partnership with Swiss sneaker brand On as he revealed over the weekend that he invested “a chunk of money” in the company. On Monday Federer appeared on NBC News’ TODAY show by Savannah Guthrie and when asked if his deal with On was laying the “groundwork” for life after tennis, he replied: “I’ve been asked all week ‘How is retirement going to be’ and when is it going to come. I think they all just needed to know. But no, this is not about retirement. On doesn’t want me to retire. They want me to play as long as possible and that’s also my goal. When I do a venture like this, of course, people want to know how it is going to look like later on and see the exit from tennis. But that’s not the case.” Guthrie then joked that she doesn’t want him to retire and Federer hit back with: “I will never retire.” Source- Tennis365

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