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Roger Federer: “You hear a hundred clicks while tossing ball on serve”

The clicking sound does not bother Roger Federer, who recently celebrated his 20th season as a tennis professional.

“It’s extreme when let’s say the shadow creeps across the court like in the Australian Open or French Open, sometimes that can be the case, and the body is half in the shade and a half in the sun, because I know the photographers like that light,” Federer explained.

“Then you toss the ball and you hear about a hundred clicks. When it’s that extreme, so many together at the same time, I have been aware of it, or when they are at the French Open sort of in the dugout behind you, you can also hear it very well sometimes.

“Disturb me? I don’t think so. But you ask them politely not to do it, but you know there is no way they are going to stop taking pictures. Next thing you know, two points later you don’t even think about it anymore and you actually don’t hear it anymore.

“It’s like that guy with the plastic bag who rattles it and you hear it if you focus on that. But if you don’t focus on it, you don’t hear it. So it’s not really disturbed me over the years at all, actually. You can continue clicking away.”

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