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Roger Federer drops biggest retirement hint yet at Indian Wells

Roger Federer says he is looking forward to retiring in a fresh revelation made at Indian Wells.

“I want to keep it as flexible as possible when it is all said and done,” Federer said.

“My priority will always be, as it is now, my family, my kids and my wife. I just want to have enough flexibility in our lives to decide how much is too much, how much is not enough, and how much is good for everybody.

“From that standpoint, I’m really looking forward to that moment when it comes about. The foundation will only continue to grow in terms of time that I am going to be putting into it but then again, how much more time remains to be seen. But I cannot sit still. I always want to travel and I always want to do stuff but there’s a way to go about it and to prioritise.”

The 37-year-old won his 100th ATP Title at the Dubai Tennis Championship last week.

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