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Roger Federer delivers one-world verdict on Match in Africa stadium

Image source: Getty Images

Roger Federer is taking on Rafael Nadal in Cape Town in a charity exhibition match.

Federer revealed he was speechless as he stood on court in South Africa.

The stadium, with an orange court, holds 50,000 fans and looks incredible.

“It’s nice to call one of your biggest rivals one of your friends. He’s not my closest friend, I’m not his closest friend as well,” Federer said. “On the road, I think we understand each other really, really well. We like seeing each other, also chatting together and making sure that tennis moves forward the right way.

“I remember Rafa when he was younger, he was so shy – he was looking up to me – and he said whatever Roger wants I’m happy with that. Then he grew into a much stronger character. And then obviously the rivalry grew as we were No 1 and 2 the whole time.

“Then today with all the time that has past we’re on the final stretch in some ways. We see life very differently but we have the ultimate respect for one another.

“We’ve done so many promotions together. We’ve done charitable things like the bushfire relief just now also in Australia, I’ve played him in Mallorca on the half clay, half grass court, I’ve played him in Madrid for his foundation, he came to Zurich to play in my match for Africa as well. It’s just nice to really get together.” 

Source: Express

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