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Rodri’s goal shouldn’t have happened at all: Referee VERDICT

Former Premier League referee Dermoth Gallagher believes Manchester City’s second goal against Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup final shouldn’t have happened if the assistant referee saw the episode clearer. 

Ian Hudson, Lee Mason’s assistant at the Wembley Stadium, mistakenly gave Manchester City a corner kick, as Ilkay Gundogan blocked his vision when Jack Grealish took the ball behind the byline off him.

Gallagher told Sky Sports: “It wasn’t a corner. Ian Hudson, the assistant, his problem is that he’s behind the Manchester City player, Ilkay Gundogan, and doesn’t see it strike his body. He only sees Jack Grealish clear it. He tells the referee he can’t see it, so he went with a corner.”

“If the fourth official thought he could see it then he could mention it, but he may have not seen it – he could have been dealing with the benches, or something else. I never used to like being a fourth official because I only saw about 40 per cent of the match, you don’t see much.

“Unfortunately VAR can’t jump in. It can’t take part on restarts unless it’s a penalty. That’s where we are at the moment, and otherwise you end up re-refereeing every incident; corners, throw-ins, goal kicks. You might as well not have the referee there in that case.”

Image – Sky Sports/John Walton/PA

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