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Robert Kubica confident Williams will be back on track in 2019

Williams Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica believes the British team will have learned from its mistakes and will be back on track in 2019.

“The situation of Williams is not easy. I’m very cautious and realistic,” the Polish driver said during a sponsor event. “In winter every team is building a new car. We are also building a new car, we’re finishing its production [as we speak].

“The design of the car is very important and it’s very difficult to make up [for a bad car]. The team has drawn conclusions from its mistakes last year, so I think that’s going to make things easier for us.

“In terms my co-operation and my technical contribution to the team, I’ll do my best to put my best foot forward,” he added. “But I’m not designing the car, I’m not going to produce parts for it. What I can do is give the right feedback, guidelines, that’s what I’m going to offer. And I’m sure the team up at Williams will be able to, step by step, put Williams back on track. But only in Barcelona will we know how strong we are, it’s really the watershed moment of the season.”

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