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06-04-2021 | 23:23 Football

"Rick after rick": Tim Sherwood blasts Tottenham 24-year-old for making mistakes every game

Tim Sherwood has told Premier League Productions that he is ‘not convinced’ with Tottenham from a defensive attitude. Davinson Sanchez started Tottenham’s 2-2 draw at Newcastle where questions were once again raised about his performance and decision-making from the back. Sherwood stated that Sanchez makes ‘rick after rick’ every game as he seemingly has had enough of his defensive issues. “Defensively, I am not convinced about them,” said Sherwood. “I would let, if I am the (opposition manager), I would let them come out on Sanchez’s side. Set the trap and we go and get the ball off him. He makes rick after rick every time he plays.” Meanwhile, Tottenham have been branded ‘perennial losers’ by Simon Jordan. The former Crystal Palace chairman was scathing in his assessment of Jose Mourinho’s side, while issuing a firm defence of the under-fire manager. Speaking on talkSPORT, Jordan said: “Let’s look at the reality of what’s being alleged of Mourinho. Someone asks him a question, okay. He gives a factual answer. It’s a factual answer. “It’s factual isn’t it. ‘Jose, what happens to teams, that you used to be very good at defending a lead?’. ‘Same coach’? Fact. ‘Different players’? Fact. “You want to turn that into some sinister, macabre, pretentious observation of throwing his players under the bus. The same players, by the way, that he defends quite regularly, but that doesn’t get written about in quite the same flourishing style.”
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