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REVEALED: The true reason why Aaron Ramsey left Arsenal

Arsenal chief Raul Sanlehi has revealed the story behind Aaron Ramsey’s transfer.

According to The Arsenal chief, the Wales international, who signed in 2008 from Cardiff, was open to staying at the Emirates but his representatives successfully delayed talks and gradually started negotiations with Juventus.

Speaking to, Sanllehi said: “At the end of the day, the problem, the real essence of the problem, was that we had reached the last year of the contract.

“The only way to get to the end of a contract is when you are ready to release that player at the end of that contract. But if you really want to keep that player, you need to renew him before getting to the last year of the contract because you are putting yourself in a very weak position. We cannot get to the last year of the contract.

“If we cannot get a renewal before that, then we may have to sell. But the position of the club, of losing a player of the quality – and not only the football quality but the human quality and club identification – of Aaron, we have to avoid that. It’s not correct for us.”

“He was really keen on staying with us, he was ready to make the effort but at the end of the whole process we had to be responsible for ourselves and protect the interests of Arsenal. We realised we were going to cause an imbalance that would have been very harmful for the team’s sake in the medium and longer term.”

Due to injury Ramsey played his final game for the club in mid-April. He was given a send-off at the Emirates after the final home game of the season and cried. Arsenal meant a lot to Rambo and he kept his peace throughout the negotiation period. Basically, he was a real gent.

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