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REVEALED: How Liverpool’s European run helped the UK Economy

Liverpool’s run to the Champions League final last season brought in a whopping £575million to the UK economy, a study by Deloitte has found.

The financial impact on the Liverpool region by the 1.5 million-plus football fans who visited Anfield during the 2017-18 season was worth £497m of this figure.

According to figures released on Thursday, Liverpool recorded £455.1m for the year, with their broadcast revenue increasing from £65.8m to a whopping £222.6m.

The remarkable charge to Kiev contributed towards £90million worth of revenue growth, which moves the Reds up to seventh in the 22nd edition of the Deloitte table.

“The substantial presence of Premier League clubs continues to be felt in this year’s Deloitte Football Money League,” said Sam Boor, a senior manager at Deloitte’s Sport Business Group.

“However, with the Premier League’s tender for the next cycle of domestic rights from 2019/20 complete and sale of overseas rights nearing conclusion, it is clear that Premier League clubs will be unable to rely on explosive growth in broadcast distributions as a source of future growth, as has been the case in recent years.

“As a result, we expect an even greater emphasis among these clubs on generating their own growth in the coming season, and in particular the optimisation of commercial revenue, which has been a key area for differentiating growth across most of Europe’s leading clubs in recent years.”

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