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09-07-2019 | 23:01 Football

REVEALED: Liverpool considered Alexis Sanchez as a Luis Suarez replacement

Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez could have been a Liverpool player back in 2014, as revealed by former transfer and contract negotiator Dick Law. Chilean international joined Arsenal from Barcelona in 2014 and then was involved in swap deal with Henrikh Mkhitaryan in 2018 as he moved to Manchester United. Liverpool wanted a forward back in 2014, as Luis Suarez signed a contract with Barcelona, Merseyside club eventually bought Mario Balotelli and Ricky Lambert, however, Merseyside club could have signed Alexis Sanchez and had made a big offer to Barcelona. "Liverpool were throwing a tonne of money at him, but my understanding was that there was no real personal contact. My conclusion was that Sanchez felt like a makeweight in the Liverpool and Barcelona transfer negotiations for Suarez." Law said (via Football London) "It was more of a money deal than anything else and I think when you deal with South Americans, you have to throw a human element in there." he added. Source - Football London

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