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The most read news over the weekend from PSG top target among Liverpool squad to Alexandre Lacazette’s behaviour while being substituted

What Mohamd Salah answered to the Wolves’ midfielder when the latter asked him for his shirt at half time of Liverpool 2-0 win.

Mohamed Salah was asked a question at half-time which left Wolverhampton fans furious

Liverpool summer signing who has so far started in 9 games is a target for PSG. What chances have the French side to sign the player?

Paris Saint-Germain target Liverpool player

Arsenal player Mesut Ozil produced a fantastic display in 3-1 win against Burnley. His performance amazed not only fans and players but Unai Emery who used to bench him lately.

Unai Emery reacts to Mesut Ozil performance after Arsenal beat Burnley

What was Alexandre Lacazette’s reaction and why he behaved so angrily when the head coach decided to substitute him 12 minutes remaining to the match.

Why Alexandre Lacazette threw a strop after being substituted in Arsenal 3-1 win over Burnley

AC Milan head coach Gennaro Gattuso could soon follow in Jose Mourinho’s footsteps as the Italian side are searching for a replacement. They have already found a possible candidate to replace him.

AC Milan have a top candidate to replace Gennaro Gattuso