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Alla Zakarian

12-03-2020 | 15:59 Football

Update: Rangers VS Celtic “could be played behind closed doors” amid Coronavirus outbreak

Rangers set to face their bitter rivals Celtic on Sunday; however, the supporters will not be able to watch the game at the stands as the clash could be played behind closed doors. The reason is the same- Coronavirus. The UK government are expected to announce that their attempts to fight coronavirus have reached the ‘delay’ phase, which would see events housing more than 100 people cancelled or postponed. Premier League, SPFL and SFA have made the decision to allow games to be streamed if teams play behind closed doors, according to The Times. The same report claims, pubs will not be allowed to show live matches. There is also an option for potential postponement or cancellation of games. La Liga, the top soccer division in Spain, has suspended its season for at least two weeks, the latest in a growing line of worldwide precautions to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The English Premier League, meanwhile, postponed an Arsenal-Manchester City match on Wednesday but has not yet announced any further postponements. Serie A also haled due to coronavirus. Source: glasgowtimes

How fans can watch Newcastle if games are played behind closed doors


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