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16-04-2019 | 16:21 Tennis

Rafael Nadal reveals whether he is friends with Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal claims Roger Federer is not his friend but is a good companion. Nadal V Federer is the greatest rivalry in modern tennis, but once tough rivals, they have also developed a lovely friendship that has charmed their fans even more. The Spaniard and the Swiss are humble in person and issue a kind of honesty that resonates well with the public. Nadal and Federer have played each other 38 times. The Spaniard leads the head-to-head record with 23-15. In an honest interview with telecommunications brand Movistar, Nadal was asked about any friendships he has among his direct rivals. Nadal said that he doesn’t have friends, however, Federer and he were very good companions. The world No 2 said: "The concept of a friend for me has a lot of meaning and is very powerful. For me, language is a barrier to establishing a bond as strong as a friendship, for example, with Roger Federer. We have that, the rivalry and that our habits of life are very different. I would say that I do not have friends, but very good companions.

Source- Express

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