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Rafael Nadal questions Novak Djokovic’s temperament after US Open default

Rafael Nadal questions Novak Djokovic's temperament after US Open default

Image source: Getty Images

Rafael Nadal has questioned Novak Djokovic’s ‘self-control’ after his US Open default. Djokovic was the favorite to win the New York slam before the incident.

Nadal, who wasn’t at the US Open due to the concerns over coronavirus, has offered his thoughts on the matter.

“The consequences have been always the same. Nothing new on that,” said Nadal. “Novak was unlucky. [But] The rules clearly say that’s a default. Sorry for him. He had an opportunity there.

“But in some ways you should not be doing this.

“It’s very unfortunate, very unlucky situation. But it’s important to have the right self-control on the court, because if not, you can be unlucky.”

source – DailyMail

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