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Rafael Nadal makes tough schedule decision in a bid to win Olympics gold in Tokyo

Image source: Getty Images

Rafael Nadal ruled out playing at the Los Cabos Open this summer in a bid to focus a second singles gold medal at the Olympics.

Nadal won the Mexican Open on Saturday as he beat Taylor Fritz in the final.

In July, Mexico hosts its second ATP Tour event in Los Cabos – just five days before the start of the Tokyo Olympics but Nadal will not participate in the tournament he has made clear that the Summer Games are top of his priorities for 2020.

He said: “The problem [with] Los Cabos is that it is a complicated week but you never know. I hope I can be there one year but right now I have to be a bit consistent with my priority objectives and that happens by trying to maximise my career and be competitive.

“To be able to play weeks like Acapulco, I need to arrive fresh, I need to arrive physically and mentally ready. One does not have an unlimited battery. When you are younger you can play more with the calendar because you have plenty of energy.

“When you are older you have to make decisions that sometimes you don’t like because I would like to be in many places and I can’t. Being an Olympic year to play Los Cabos would go against what I think my calendar has to be.” 

Source: Express

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