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23-09-2019 | 19:41 Golf

Rafael Nadal hopes one day he can play golf with Tiger Woods

World Number two  Rafael Nadal told how it was to play in front of Tiger Woods in his fourth-round match against Marin Cilic live at the US Open. The Spaniard is in close relations with the American golfer. Rafa Nadal jokingly said: "Honestly, it's much better if Tiger does not see my swing. Maybe he would lose some rhythm after that, it's a great honour to play in front of everyone (New York fans), but playing in front of Tiger is a very special thing, I always said that I have no idols, but if I did, I would have to say that he is an idol. I always try to follow him, every single shot throughout the year. It is a pleasure for me that he supports me here. That means a lot. He is a great sports legend, one of the greatest athletes of all time. “I'd like to congratulate him on one of the sport's most amazing comebacks when he won the Masters this year. It means a lot that he supports me. He is a great inspiration. He has always been a role model in all the things he has done in sports and which he fights so hard. I am in contact with him very often and I hope that one day we can play golf together."

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