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“Rafael Nadal has one of the best forehands of all time,” admits Novak Djokovic

Image source: Getty Images

Novak Djokovic has hailed his longtime rival Rafael Nadal as “one of the best forehands of all time”.

The Serb also praised the Spaniard’s sheer mental strength.

Djokovic was asked to create his perfect Davis Cup player by the tournament’s Youtube Channel, and unsurprisingly Nadal featured heavily.

“I would choose Rafael Nadal’s forehand. It has been one of the best forehands of all time, with heavy topspin or flat strokes.

“He can hit it from every part of the court and it is a consistent weapon that he uses to mount pressure on the opponent and also in the defence, to get back into the point.”

“As for backhand, I have to go with David Goffin; I like his two-handed backhand very much. He takes the ball very early and hits it flat, something that allows him to dictate the rally.

“You will not get many errors from his backhand as he possesses natural swing and preparation for the stroke. He can place it both down the line and crosscourt, making it one of the most excellent strokes in his arsenal.”

Source: TennisHead

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