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Rafael Nadal disagrees with Novak Djokovic on line-judges

2020 Serbia’s Novak Djokovic and Spain’s Rafael Nadal on the court before the final

Image source: EssentiallySports/REUTERS

Rafael Nadal has disagreed with Novak Djokovic, on the subject of the future of line-judges in tennis. Djokovic has recently claimed that line-judges were no longer needed due to the availability of Hawkeye.

Nadal speaking with Reuters said: “I don’t want to create controversy, but I think the traditional court with line judges looks much nicer.

“Novak said line judges were not needed. All opinions are respected. There are different visions of the sport, but for me I like it less without line judges.

“It’s welcome here so we can adapt to the circumstances but if you ask me towards the future I prefer line judges. It’s true the sport has not changed many things in the last 50 years, compared with the majority of sports, but I don’t think this is a way to improve the spectacle of our sport.

“The technology is there, it could be just the two of us in the court if we want,” he added. “But I think the human side gives some more value somehow to the sport.”

Djokovic is preparing to play against Daniil Medvedev in the ATP World Tour finals on November 18, while Nadal suffered a defeat to Dominic Thiem.

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