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Rafael Nadal branded ‘more likeable’ than Roger Federer ahead of Paris Masters

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer

Image source: Getty Images

Rafael Nadal is ‘more likeable’ than Roger Federer, according to Piotr Sierzputowski, coach of reigning French Open women’s champion Iga Swiatek. The duo have won a huge 40 Grand Slam titles between them.

Nadal recently matched Federer’s total of 20 Grand Slam titles, beating Novak Djokovic in the final of the French Open to win the trophy for a 13th time. The 34-year-old is set to take to the court at the Paris Masters this week.

Sierzputowski believes Nadal is more likeable – despite Federer’s class and grace winning him plaudits over the years.

“I can see why Iga is a huge fan of Rafa,” Piotr Sierzputowski told “He’s a great guy, well-behaved, who always says hi, winks, smiles at you. He is never rude.

“Djokovic is very helpful, you can’t deny it. Roger is a legend, one can’t dislike him, but he can’t be liked as much as Rafa. Roger isn’t where all the players are, he disappears.

“Rafa plays board games with his team, sits with other players and eats the same stuff as others. Roger has his own cook who flies with him. These details make Rafa more likeable, more human, despite being a machine on court.”

Source: Express

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