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22-04-2019 | 22:25 Football

Rafa Benitez reveals whether he will ‘help’ Liverpool in title race

Newcastle head Rafael Benitez has spoken out on his team’s home clash against Liverpool 1 match-day before the end of the season. Benitez, who has been on the charge of Merseyside club in 6 seasons, hasn’t won a single Premier League. Spaniard was closer to the title during 2008/09 campaign, but finished only second below Manchester United. And after so many years Benitez could play a key role in his former team’s title race against Manchester City. “That is a game that I can't win.” he told Newcastle Chronicle. "If we win, they will say: 'Oh, [he should be helping us].' And, if you lose: 'Oh, he was not giving everything.' “I will not talk too much about this game until it comes around. I was in Liverpool winning trophies. Why? Because I was professional and I was fighting against anyone. “Some people will criticise me because I was fighting against Manchester United. It's my job to do the best for my team, and I will try to do the best for my team [against Liverpool], that's it.” Benitez added. Liverpool are currently two points ahead of Man City, however, they have played one game more.

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