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Quiz: Can you name all 9 clubs Tammy Abraham has scored against for Chelsea?

Image source: Getty Images

Tammy Abraham enjoyed an impressive spell under Frank Lampard at Chelsea. The player is one of the standout players in the Premier League.

Abraham is even on the list of top goalscorers in the Premier League this season.

The Blues striker joined the club in the summer. Despite the fact, that he hasn’t scored a goal since January 11th, the youngster scored 7 goals in 3 consecutive games at the start of the season.

Abraham, 22, is currently recovering from an ankle injury.

In total, Abraham has scored 15 goals in all competitions for Chelsea this season so far and 13 of those he scored in the Premier League.

Take our quiz below and see if you can recall all of the clubs that he’s scored against. You have three minutes to name all 9 clubs.