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Pyunik’s T-shirts with the inscription #ArtsakhStrong are on sale

Pyunik player Araz Ozbiliz with #ArtsakhStrong t-shirt

Armenian football club Pyunik put up for auction their T-shirts with the inscription #ArtsakhStrong, the club have announced on Twitter.  The authors of the initiative assure that all the proceeds will go to Artsakh in order to help those who are protecting the borders of the country. 

“This is one of those jerseys in which our team played the match against Alashkert. Today they go on public sale so that every fan can contribute to the common cause.

“All proceeds from the sale of the jerseys will be directed to Artsakh to help those who defend our border.
Join the club’s initiative that makes us stronger! #ArtsakhStrong

“Address: Sayat-Nova 40/1, Megasport,” the club stated.




Click here to buy Araz Ozbiliz’s T-shirt. 

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