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Press conference: Thomas Tuchel provides Pulisic, Kante and Abraham fitness update ahead of Porto clash

Press conference: Thomas Tuchel provides Pulisic, Kante and Abraham fitness update ahead of Porto clash

Image source: Chelsea Twitter


Chelsea are preparing to face Porto in the Champions League on Tuesday, April 6. The Blues reached the quarter-finals after having celebrated 3-0 on aggregate win over Atletico Madrid.

Ahead of the game, Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel gave a press conference, where he spoke out on Christian Pulisic, N’Golo Kante and Tammy Abraham fitness and many more topics.

On Pulisic, Kante and Abraham fitness

“They are fit enough to be in the squad and will be in the squad. Christian went out just before an injury could happen, he said it at half time that if he continued there would be an injury coming so we took him off.

“Tammy is in the squad and NG did a test and will be on the bench. He is comfortable to be on the bench.”

On Kepa/Rudiger incident

“It was not [serious]. It was an incident in training and got heated between Toni and Kepa. We calmed the situation down immediately. I don’t want to play things down artifiically. We do not want to accept but they can happen because everyone is competitive in training matches.

“The reaction to it, Toni and Kepa, was amazing, They showed how much respect they have for each other. They cleared the air and there was nothing left one day after. We spoke about the issue and then it solved. This is the main part. It will stay with us, it wasn’t awkward. They solved it straight after training in an honest and humble way and it showed me they have good character.”

On Saturday’s defeat

“It’s very natural there is a reaction to a result and game like this. So it is nesscary to adapt. It is a strong part of sports at this level that the guys hate to lose. So if we suffer a big loss in a werid game, it’s normal there are reactions.

“Clearly there are lines we don’t want to overstep. This happened one day after the match but now things are sorted out. My talk after the game isn’t to be too harsh or emotional, the risk is you regret what you say.

“You have to swallow and accept we lost them game. Then it’s important that we are reliable in analysing the game. We can’t only do meetings depending on the result. We can be critical after wins and we can point out things we like even though we lost 5-2.

“We won all the statistics against West Brom: expected goals, touches in the box, shots on targets. If we played the same game against, I bet 99 times out of 100 that we win the game.”

On Porto suspensions and Olivier Giroud

“He is in the running and in the squad. He is exited to return to Sevilla, he has history there, scoring many goals in this campaign. So he is in the running.

“We had an almost similar situation against Atletico with Trippier, Carrasco and Giminez coming back in the second leg and we won 2-0.

“It’s the quarter-final of the Champions League, so you play four halves that you need to be fully focused for, self-aware of our strengths, what our attacking patterns are that we want find after the international break and our game on Saturday.

“The challenge is to be totally focused on our strengths and to narrow the focus to 45 minutes and then another 45 minutes.

“I’m super happy today because everybody was back in training. So we will have some major decisions to make and I am sure everybody will be ready for the game.”


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