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Press Conference: Pep Guardiola on team, Crystal Palace and more

Pep Guardiola's press conference ahead of Crystal Palace

Image source: Getty Images

Manchester City are set to face Crystal Palce on Saturday as the Premier League action resumes.

The Cityzens beat Paris Saint-Germain in the first-leg of the Champions League semi-finals in the midweek with the second-leg scheduled next week.

Ahead of the Palace trip Pep Guardiola has talked to the press and here is what he said.

On social media boycott:

“I’m not one to tell the players about their personal lives. They have to decide for themselves. Respect others like a normal position in our lives. What they want to do, they want to do. I speak for myself, maybe it is a drop of water in the ocean but at the same time it is a good initiative because everything is related to education. We’re going to follow it.”

On team performance:

“A tough campaign this time.”

“In our period together these five seasons together it is the same like the first PL we won. We are almost the same guys with the same identity. Like the era, it involves more people – Sheikh Mansour and Khaldoon took over the club and that enabled the development of the players, the facilities, all departments of the club.

“I feel it – I know from Barcelona and Bayern Munich so I know what I’m talking about. This is incredible. You start to build from Mark Hughes and then success with Roberto Mancini, Manuel and many sporting directors and CEOs in this decade. It has been a successful era for this club. It is not just the people right now, that’s for sure.”

On his team full of midfielder:

“I like players with the ability to keep the ball, it is one of the biggest principles I look for. The ball is the best way to defend and people have to keep the ball in difficult circumstances. In all my career I paly with a lot of midfield players. I have the feeling that you can play better with this, but at the same time we need everyone.

“Gabriel was so important this season, I’m not going to talk about how important Kun has been and was in the past. unfortunately he was injured most of the last year but now he is fit again. Raheem again – everyone is important but I have to admit that the players know I like it when they keep the ball and after we see what I produce with that.”

On away games:

“I don’t know! I don’t have the answers. We miss our fans. I don’t know. We had better results against United away than at home, it’s like that. I cannot answer you.

“At home it is not a big advantage without fans, when you play in Paris it is not a big difference from next Tuesday because there are no fans. I don’t have an explanation. The point in general is what we have shown this season home and away is so good in terms of consistency. We drop points at home but not many. I’m only concerned with winning the five points we need to be champions.”

Source- Manchester Evening News

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