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Press Conference: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on Manchester United fans, Glazers, Roma and more

Press Conference: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on Manchester United fans, Glazers, Roma and more

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Manchester United are set to face Roma in the second-leg of the Europa League semi-finals.

The Red Devils secured a stunning 6-2 win in the first leg and will be looking to progressing into the final.

Ahead of the match head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has talked to the press and here is what he said.

On United fans and invasion to the Old Trafford on Sunday:

“It was a difficult day for us. Of course we wanted to play, to beat Liverpool for the fans. Our job is getting good results on the pitch. But as I said before the game, we have to listen, to hear the fans’ voice.

“It’s everyone’s right to protest but it has to be in a civilised manner. But unfortunately when you break in, when police officers are scarred for life, that’s a step too far. Then it’s a police matter, it’s not about showing your opinions anymore.

“Sunday was more of a day off, a mental challenge. It changes the whole plan but you’ve got to be adaptable. In this world now, you can’t just think the fixture list from August isn’t going to change. The boys have been fantastic to get through various challenges.”

Special message to the fans:

“Of course we want to listen. It has to be in a peaceful manner, it’s important. Please voice your opinions. We know as a club we need to communicate better. I can refer back to the apologies, it came out wrong and it was the wrong thing to do.

“I know our fans want a team that is likeable, playing attacking football, scoring goals, winning trophies and being humble — that can identify back with them. My job is the results. We want to get back to winning trophies, we haven’t won for a while and that’s something we’re working on. I’m sure fans can see what the players are doing.”

Apology from Glazers:

“I know communication has started between other individuals and me.

“This is a difficult position, for me, because I’ve got to focus on the football. I’m sure there will be better communication coming.”

On the fitness of United squad:

“We’ve got a great fitness staff. It’s been a process since we came in. We brought in some young staff when I came. We brought in some robustness. A winning Man United team has players that can play 40, 50 games per season at a high standard.

“That is lifestyle, it’s training. It’s about when you’re not playing, to get complete match fitness.”

On possible Roma comeback:

“We’re not going to play on the result, we’re going to play to win that game. That’s the only way I think we can play this game. Of course there might be one or two changes in the selection, but we have to get into the final.

“Everyone says it’s done but I’ve seen bigger upsets than this. Roma beat Barcelona in a second leg after being 4-1 down.”

On Mason Greenwood improvement:

“The Liverpool game was going to be his 100th game and we spoke about getting the winner in that. We’ve spoken about whether he’s going to be wide right, or be a No.9, because you’ve got to stick your head in there. He’s a pretty boy and I’m not sure if he’s going to do that.

“Keep doing what he does, he’s got a very bright future, I’m sure of that.”

Source- Manchester Evening News

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