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Press conference: Jurgen Klopp speaks on Thiago Alcantara, Wijnaldum, Chelsea and more

Press conference: Jurgen Klopp speaks on Thiago Alcantara, Wijnaldum, Chelsea and more

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Liverpool are preparing to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, September 20.

Ahead of the game, Jurgen Klopp gave a press conference and spoke out on the upcoming game, as well as Thiago Alcantara who is on his way to join the Reds.

On Thiago

“There’s nothing really to say because I have learned it isn’t official until it’s announced. I’m not an announcer so I don’t know what I can say. But it looks quite promising!

“For all Liverpool supporters it would be useful to look at the LFC channels today and we will see what happens!

“Most of the things I will say if it happens will be obvious. It’s tricky now for me!”

On Thiago impacting Wijnaldum

“I can say if it (Thiago) happens it will have no impact on anybody’s future in any negative way – whether someone has to leave or anything like that.”

On Chelsea

“Last season we played Chelsea often and it was always difficult. Last game v Brighton, you have to be decisive in key moments and that was the story of the game.

“We don’t know a lot about Chelsea at the moment. We are very early in the season. We’ve had an intense week and worked on decisive stuff. Some things were good [v Leeds] some not so good but only game 1, we don’t make it a bigger deal.”

On why he wanted to retain five subs 

“If we stay in all comps, it will be tough all season. My first concern is player welfare. That is why I was not happy to stick to 20 and 5 (subs). Makes the situation more tricky and we will realise that in the next few weeks. Being in it is different. We try to prepare”

On injuries

“Intense week, one or two little things but should be okay. Nobody is coming back and the rest we will see. Everything seems okay.”

On Lampard

“No rivalry. You should stop reading newspapers! I don’t get that. When you ask me, I answer and everyone takes it the way they want. You all make a story. You say I made a story about the ‘transfer behaviour of Chelsea’ You create rivalry between us. Why?”

source – LiveproolECHO

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