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01-07-2020 | 16:52 Football

Press conference: Jurgen Klopp on guard of honour, the point gap, AFCON postponement and more

Liverpool are preparing to play an away Premier League game against Manchester City on Thursday, July 2. Ahead of the game, the Reds head coach Jurgen Klopp has given a press conference. He spoke out on guard of honor, the point gap, AFCON postponement and more. On guard of honour "I am not sure if I've ever had one, long ago in Germany. An English tradition and it is a nice gesture. I wouldn't need it as we want to play football and don't celebrate but again it's nice. That is it." On competition "City, Chelsea, United will all be strong next season. All in good shape and that is clear. Tottenham and Arsenal will not sleep, Leicester too. We have play 38 games and who wins most can win it. We will not defend the title, we will attack the next one. Same situation." On his relationship with Pep Guardiola "It's so long ago since I last met Guardiola. He is an exceptional guy. I really like the family and I respect him a lot. We don't have much contact and he is a competitor. He wants to win. It will not change him or me." On the point gap "They got 100 points, we got 75 and qualified for CL. City was by far the best team. We have the chance to play seven more times now and I hope we can show that. It doesn't mean we'll win but we can give them a proper game. It's the most difficult game you can imagine." On AFCON postponement "I really like that AFCON is postponed but what I don't like is the reasons for it. From the planning point of view it makes sense. All these tournaments in the middle of the season are not good for any planning." At the end of the press conference, Jurgen Klopp confirmed that there is no new injury news. source - LiverpoolECHO Join us on Telegram

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