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Press Conference: Jose Mourinho on injuries, Vertonghen and Vorm deals, Merson’s claims about Harry Kane and more

Jose Mourinho during Tottenham game

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Tottenham will be on action again for tomorrow’s Premier League clash against Wes Ham.

After the restart of the season, Spurs played their first game against Manchester United, having a 1 – 1 result. Meanwhile, the Hammers lost 2-0 to Wolves the following day.

Tottenham are sitting on the 8th place of the league table with 42 points. They will be hoping to gain more points from the upcoming match.

And ahead of the clash, Spurs boss Jose Mourinho has answered the questions of the press.

Lucas Moura and Dele Alli are set to be available for the club’s clash with West Ham. Speaking about Jan Vertonghen and Michel Vorm possible deal extension, Mourinho said:

“It’s very important of course. Now we’re focused on this period that will end in the end of July. Let’s see what happens after that but after that will be a few days holidays or preparation for the new season.

But now, for the next month, we needed to make sure Jan and Michel were available for us. That shows their commitment to the club and also to the group. That’s very good news for us because we need everybody until the end.”

On Steven Bergwijn, who was the only goalscorer during Manchester United draw, the manager said:

“Good player, good professional, good boy. Congratulations to my club, the way they did it. Initially, and I’m always very honest on this, he wasn’t my first option when we decided to make a movement in the winter. But in the end, a great decision.

A player with a great future, can play on the right and the left. We’re more than happy, not just his age, but also his professional attitude. The way he trains, the way he lives. He’s the kind of kid that can only be better.”

Mourinho also gave a long response to Paul Merson’s claims that Harry Kane will struggle to score as many goals for Tottenham in his system.

“I feel a bit strange at some analysis and some comments, especially as it looks for me at the beginning of some comments and analysis have started from Paul [Merson]. I have to say I respect a lot people like him and because I respect him a lot, I want to be nice in my answer.

I don’t think he’s ready for a bad answer so I try to be nice and say something that people can think a little bit. First of all Harry played his first game for six months, and if you watch and analyse the game, compared Harry Kane with Anthony Martial. It was a game of many chances, it was a game where the two strikers had a lot of chances.

Do you give credit to my defence for Martial game, do you give credit to the United defence for the occasions we create or didn’t create? You have to look at it in a balanced approach. Harry doesn’t play a game for six months. The record of goals that Harry has for me is easy for me. Go to your data and it’s easy to see how many matches he played with me and how many goals he scored before his injury.

I had a few strikers that played for me and they’re not bad. I have a guy called (Didier) Drogba he played for me four seasons, he scored 186 goals – an average 46 goals per season. I had another guy who is also not bad, played for Juventus now. He played for me three seasons, he scored 186 goals, which gives an average of 56 goals per season. I had another guy who is also not bad, called Karim Benzema. He played for me three seasons, he was not always starting because he was quite young at the time, he scored 78 goals in three seasons, which gives a 26-goal average per season.

I had another called (Diego) Milito, he played one season, he scored 30 goals, won three titles. I had another guy, he played for one and a half seasons seasons, in the other half he had a big injury. A tall guy called Zlatan (Ibrahimovic). He scored 58 goals, which gives a 29 average per season. So dear Paul, I have lots of respect for you. I think Harry Kane has no problem at all to score goals in my teams, especially when he’s fit and fresh and has routines of playing. That’s my message to somebody I have lots of respect for.

I just gave him my answer, you’re all free to have an opinion. I am free to disagree. I could be aggressive in my answer. I have been aggressive many many times, I still can be.

I decided, because it’s Paul and I have respect and other things more than respect, I decided to answer just with data and then you have my answer.”

The Portuguese also spoke on being able to hear Hugo Lloris organising with no crowd. He said:

“Yeah. He’s now in a privileged position because now the communication is much easier. I believe, I’m sure that his level of communication is exactly the same as every match in his career, but he’s used to struggling for his voice to be heard.

In this moment every word you say is very easy. Of course I always believe a goalkeeper is a good leader, and a good captain, independent of that, I always knew that a goalkeeper looking at a game in a fantastic position, to organise and be a little bit an extension of the coach, especially in the defensive organisation.

So if we can get something positive out of the negativity of an empty stadium, of communicating.”

Source: Football London

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