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Premier League TV fixtures announced for October and November

Sky and BT have revealed their televised fixtures for October and November, seeing a number of Premier League games rearranged.

Manchester United have had five games moved including the derby against Manchester City which was going to take place on Saturday November 10.

Now they will play at the Etihad Stadium at 16:30 on the Sunday.

Here is the confirmed list of all the games.

Friday, 5 October

Brighton v West Ham (Sky Sports) – 20:00

Saturday, 6 October

Man Utd v Newcastle (BT Sport) – 17:30

Sunday, 7 October

Fulham v Arsenal (BT Sport) – 12:00
Southampton v Chelsea (Sky Sports) – 14:15
Liverpool v Man City (Sky Sports) – 16:30

Saturday, 20 October

Chelsea v Man Utd (Sky Sports) – 12:30
Huddersfield v Liverpool (BT Sport) – 17:30

Sunday, 21 October

Everton v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports) – 16:00

Monday, 22 October

Arsenal v Leicester (Sky Sports) – 20:00

Saturday, 27 October

Man Utd v Everton (Sky Sports) – 12:30
Leicester v West Ham (BT Sport) – 17:30

Sunday, 28 October

Crystal Palace v Arsenal (Sky Sports) – 13:30
Spurs v Man City (Sky Sports) – 16:00

Saturday, 3 November

AFC Bournemouth v Man Utd (BT Sport) -12:30
Arsenal v Liverpool (BT Sport) – 17:30

Sunday, 4 November

Wolves v Spurs (Sky Sports)* – 13:30
* Should Spurs be involved in the UEFA Champions League the next Tuesday, this match will move to Saturday 3 November, at 19:45
Chelsea v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports) – 16:00

Monday, 5 November

Huddersfield v Fulham (Sky Sports) – 20:00

Saturday, 10 November

Cardiff v Brighton (Sky Sports) – 12:30
Crystal Palace v Spurs (BT Sport) – 17:30

Sunday, 11 November

Liverpool v Fulham (BT Sport) – 12:00
Chelsea v Everton (Sky Sports) – 14:15
Man City v Man Utd (Sky Sports) – 16:30

Saturday, 24 November

Spurs v Chelsea (BT Sport) – 17:30

Sunday, 25 November

AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal (Sky Sports) – 13:30
Wolves v Huddersfield (Sky Sports) – 16:00

Monday, 26 November

Burnley v Newcastle (Sky Sports) – 20:00

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The rivals will now face off at the Etihad Stadium at 16:30 on the Sunday, and the clash will be shown on Sky Sports.