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Premier League teams to DISCUSS changes in transfer window dates

According to what has been reported by BBC, Premier League clubs are meeting to discuss the possibility of changes in transfer window dates.

In two last seasons, the window in PL has been closed a day before the first match-day. 

At first, English sides expected that European top leagues will follow them and change their dates accordingly. 

However, in Europe the summer window closes on August 31, which has caused massive problems for Premier League sides, as they want to see equal opportunities.

There could be 3 possible outcomes after the meeting.

  1. a) Dates remain as they were. Thi is the most unlikely scenario, as all clubs have come up with the idea that a change, no matter what kind of, is necessary. 
  2. b) Deadline will be shifted to 31 August.
  3. c) Deadline will remain the same for English teams if they do internal transfers, while it will be changed for international moves. 
Source – BBC

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