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How Premier League pundits have reacted on Virgil Van Dijk’s brilliant defending against Tottenham?

Liverpool took another 3 points after the tough match against Tottenham at Anfield Road.

Despite the confident first half and Roberto Firmino goal which put Klopp’s side ahead of rivals, Mauricio Pochettino got his answer in the second half, when Lucas Moura equalized after controversial free-kick taken by Harry Kane.

And it was 1-1, when Tottenham got their counter-attack. Moussa Sissoko and Son Heung-min against Virgil Van Dijk. And here is when the Dutchman proved once again why he is the most expensive center back in the history and why he is one of the bests in the world.

Van Dijk made it hard for Sissoko to make a decision. With having weak left foot, Frenchman didn’t have any chance to pass the ball to Son and shoot from right. Sissoko just decided to shoot from left and he hit the ball over the crossbar.

Toby Alderweireld then scored the own goal, that gave Liverpool vital 3 points in title race. Reds now have only one game left against Top – 6 clubs, Chelsea at Anfield after the visit to Southampton.

Here is how pundits Martin Keown and Gary Neville have described Van Dijk’s brilliance.

Martin Keown (via Daily Mail)

It was a magnificent piece of defending. You will not find it in any coaching manual.

With Tottenham mounting a quick counter-attack, Van Dijk found himself outnumbered with Sissoko running with the ball to his left and Son Heung-min available for a pass on his right.

What sets Van Dijk apart is the way he thinks clearly in the most pressurised moments.

Gary Neville (Sky Sports (via LiverpoolECHO))

“Young defenders, you must watch Virgil van Dijk.

“He picks the lesser of two evils. Sissoko can have it on his left foot, not letting him pass to Son.

“He can’t win it, you have a choice: which of these do I want to have the shot? It’s Sissoko. Really good defending”.

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