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Pochettino hopes to take team to warm-weather camp

Mauricio Pochettino says he would like to take players to warm-weather training camp next month,

Tottenham will not have a single match in 22 days, as Spurs will face Southampton on March 9 and then will have their next fixture on 31 March.

Argentine coach hopes to use this time outside from England.

“Yes, we’re trying to find some place to go. We’ll see. Still nothing done. But yes, in our mind it’s to try to spend time together with the team, to create a good atmosphere in between the players, to be in a different place because it’s going to be a long period without competition,” he said (via Football London).

“If we have good results, sure it was fantastic and amazing. If not, we’re going to talk about how it’s negative to have this break. For me, it’s always positive,” he said.

“It’s positive because it provides the team the chance to breathe a little bit, to rest but in the same time to work hard, to try to improve different aspects of the team. It’s so important. I am a person who believes you can use this period to help the team to play better, to improve in situations, collectively and individually.

“I think we try to provide the team in all aspects, the capacity to perform in the best way. That’s the objective in the next five games until we are again in a period where are not going to compete during three weeks, we are going to be out of the competition.” he added.

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