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Pochettino explains why it is hard to bring top players to Tottenham

Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettino says it’s difficult to bring new top players to the club, because they may avoid competition with starting lineup stars like Harry Kane or Christian Eriksen.

Pochettino also blames media for their mixed interpretation of things.

“Yes, and you make it difficult, my job! You all! When after not playing Harry Kane, you all say why didn’t you play Harry Kane. Or why not this player or another. Before you ask for more signings but when I try to play with all the squad you’re the first to translate that feeling of why not player that one or another. You make it difficult my job! I think my answer is clear!” he said (via

He added: “It’s difficult, because you’re talking about top players like Harry Kane. It’s not easy for a striker to come here and compete. It’s football. Look at the big teams, look what happens at Barcelona.”

“There’s Luis Suarez but Paco Alcacer needed to move away and now at Borussia Dortmund he’s doing a fantastic job and scoring goals. Because football is difficult to play with two or three strikers.

“If you want to dominate games you need more midfielders than strikers. If you want to play more direct or in a different way, maybe you play with wingers, fast, you know the balance is important, always to have a plan who you want to play.

“There are many things. But of course when you want to sign a striker, always they say ‘why do you want me why you have Harry Kane?’. That’s true and that’s right, that’s the first question from the agent or the player when you meet the player of course.” Pochettino added.

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