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11-11-2019 | 19:52 Boxing

Phil Lo Greco: “I could have died in the ring”

Canadian professional boxer, former WBC International Welterweight Champion Phil Lo Greco in an exclusive interview with inews, has revealed, he could have died in the ring. Eddie Hearn poked fun of Lo Greco for waling into a press conference wearing shades. The boxer brushed off the comment with a joke about a hangover. But the reality was that Lo Greco’s long-term concussion was so serious that he could not tolerate the bright lights of stop his left eyeball from wandering stray. “I was looking past him. I thought that he had been out for two years and if I beat him with a puncher’s chance, I could fight Kell Brook,” Lo Greco tells i in his first interview since surgery to repair strabismus in his left eye - a lazy eye, in common parlance. “I wasn’t able to make a healthy decision. I made an unprofessional decision and I took the Khan fight. In my blogs, I was talking openly about how great my training camps in Las Vegas were going. But it was literally just a weight-loss camp. I showed everyone how to lose 38 pounds in two months.” When he got in the ring with Amir Khan, Lo Greco lasted a second for every pound that he had lost in camp. “I never saw it coming,” Lo Greco said of the shot that ended his night. “I went to the doctor and told him I was seeing blurry, feeling confused and having all these negative thoughts. I was extremely mentally tired and physically drained,” Lo Greco said. “I said to myself: ‘Maybe I’m just overthinking’. But I was concussed. I couldn’t keep my thoughts together.” “I was lucky Khan ended it in 40 seconds because I could have lost my life that night. I could have died, and never seen my daughter,” Lo Greco reiterates, under no illusions about the risks he was taking. It could have happened against Gurrola but he was a journeyman and he wasn’t a puncher.” Source- inews

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